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4 Reasons This Startup is Disrupting Men’s Beauty


4 Reasons This Startup is Disrupting Men’s Beauty

If you’re anything like me, you’ve likely wondered why there isn’t a great product out there that lets guys properly and discreetly hide that pimple, razor scratch, or redness every face inevitably suffers from. Even though websites like GQ and others are always proclaiming a revolution is upon us, nothing ever seems to catch on. And that’s because no one is actually making something that is designed from the ground up specifically for men.

Luckily, that all just changed. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Stryx, a revolutionary and unique new company that is making the absolute perfect “handsome” products that men will actually feel cool and comfortable using.

Stryx is rethinking the meaning of men’s “cosmetics” products. They engineer discreet products uniquely for men, so that men can easily and comfortably look their best. They’re starting with a Concealer Tool for getting rid of acne and nasty pimples, and a Tinted Moisturizer for reducing redness and improving your overall look!

A way to simply and discreetly take care of that pimple, or skin blemish? Check.

Special formulation uniquely made for men’s skin? Check.

Revolutionary, sleek, and discrete product design? Check.

Engineered to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle? Check.

This really is like nothing else we have ever seen. When everyone else in the grooming and cosmetics industry is simply taking the exact same product tubes, packaging, and formulations and simply slapping their logo on it and calling it their own, Stryx is doing something radically different. They are the first company we have ever seen that is actually completely rethinking what a “cosmetics” product should (or could) look like. And we love it. (We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but we can’t wait to see what their future products look like too!)

And all of this at a super reasonable price. For all this innovation, you would think the prices would be through the roof. Instead, this truly is affordable luxury (think: Everlane, Warby Parker, Away Luggage, Naadam). And this is a luxury that no other guy you know will even have yet. It’s a totally new product category. You’ll instantly be the coolest, trendiest, classiest man around the second you place an order. This is the next big thing. Trust us on this. Here’s why we love Stryx:

1. Cool as F*ck: When I first held the Stryx concealer tool Product 01 in my hand, my reaction was “I don’t know what the hell this is, but it looks cool as f*ck”. Seriously. This product is going to be a collectors item. It’s made of a groundbreaking and secretive industry-first proprietary metal material commonly used in race car engines, and it feels cool to the touch. I’ve never held a concealer product that was made out of such quality material. Even when the formulation is all used up, I’ll be keeping this product on my shelf.

2. Manly: For so, so, so long I’ve been waiting for a men’s grooming product that wasn’t just an exact replica of a women’s product with a “For Men” label slapped on it. This is the first such product radically engineered from the ground up just for men. Finally, a grooming product that a man will actually feel comfortable using and keeping in his bathroom and taking it with him in his bag. The metal and the color….and the actual formulation was meticulously formulated to address the biological uniqueness of male skin. To be honest, I’m pretty upset at myself that I didn’t make this product myself. I feel like I had the idea a while ago. Oh well.

3. Discreet
: Not all men want to advertise that they’re using grooming and cosmetic products to improve their looks. But that doesn’t mean they should be uncomfortable using products to make themselves look better and cover up pimples and blemishes! Enter Stryx to the rescue. The products looks nothing like any female product, and maintains the discreteness most men want for these sort of products.

4. Price: When I first heard about these luxurious products, I figured they’d be sold for at least the price of Tom Ford’s grooming products ($60+ range). After all, these products aren’t made out of some crappy plastic, they’re made out of a revolutionary quality, costly metal. But boy was I pleasantly surprised when I saw they only cost $29! I don’t know if this price is just an initial “just launched” price, or if it’s long-term. But I highly recommend you buy one now before this price-point changes. It’s a great deal.


(Bonus) Social Consciousness. Here’s the kicker, Stryx employs some honorable business practices while pursuing its goals. All of their products are 100% cruelty free, and there is no animal testing used whatsoever in the development of their products. This is something we always look for, so kudos to Stryx on this for getting it right.


The Cons.

The biggest downside we can come up with for Stryx is the likelihood that these things will sell out fast. If you want to make sure you get yours before their first batch sells out, make sure to get in on the action as soon as possible and order now. We’re sure they’ll restock eventually, but who wants to wait?


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