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Beauty Startup Karity To Roll out Nationwide in Riley Rose Stores


Beauty Startup Karity To Roll out Nationwide in Riley Rose Stores

Karity has landed at a Riley Rose store near you.

The NYC-based startup has partnered with Riley Rose stores to bring its affordable products into retail. The stores will be a place to buy and test the Karity’s super pigmented and affordable eyeshadows, lipsticks and brushes.

When we heard Karity was coming to a store near us we were ecstatic, here’s why.

When I shop for eyeshadows and lipsticks, I follow a checklist.
Deep pigmentation? Check.
Buttery texture? Check.
Lasting Quality? Check.

A price I can afford? Rarely, or at least not without sacrificing quality. But like Warby Parker, Everlane and Allbirds, there is finally a company changing everything we thought we knew about makeup, and Fashionista agrees saying they are “the next big thing in beauty”.
Enter Karity. The latest brand to blow up our social media by offering new and exceptional products at a price the average beauty junkie can actually afford. Most importantly, Karity’s eyeshadows and brushes check all the right boxes. When I heard they started there annual holiday bundle boutique sale I quickly flocked over, this stuff NEVER gets discounted.

Here’s why:

Karity launched only three years ago by Isaac Rami (named after his wife’s maiden name) has already turned the beauty world on its head. Dubbed by The Huffington Post as “The Brand that is Disrupting a $63 Billion Dollar Makeup Industry” The company’s unique direct-to-consumer model means that they create products from start to finish tailored specially to their customers. Youtubers and Instagrammers alike have shown off looks using Karitys super hyped palettes.

Here are five reasons why Karity’s Eyeshadow palettes and brushes stand above the competition:

1. Pigmentation. Karity’s pigmentation is just as good, if not better than any of the luxury shelf brands. The colors are bold, brave and show no signs of fade after several hours of wearing.

2. Blendability. All the colors in these palettes are buttery smooth and super blendable. The shadows are pro-grade and meant to be used by professionals.

3. Colors. Each shadow compliments the others in a way that demonstrates the amount of thought that went into the development of these palettes. Each palette consists of transition shades, Metallics, Mattes, Duochromes. The palettes allow you to create both Night-time and daytime looks.

4. Price. This is maybe the most important aspect because it ties all the other points together. Karity is one of the best-priced cosmetics brands in the industry because it delivers the performance of the top brands at a reasonable price.

5. Patented Brushes. The first time we heard about Karity was last year when Huffington Post released an article about a price glitch before Christmas that resulted in 114,000+ brushes sold in less than 24 hours. I was intrigued and weeks later caved and bought a few, these patented 4-ring brass ferrule brushes are from the highest quality brushes I have ever experienced in my life.

(Bonus) Social Consciousness. Here’s the kicker, Karity employs some honorable business practices while pursuing its goal of bringing affordable beauty to the masses. Karity shadows are both cruelty and paraben-free, but that wasn’t enough for them. Recently Isaac announced Karity’s new initiative called  “Palettes for Paws” where a helpless furry friend is provided with a meal for every palette they sell.

Because of the modern consumer’s demand for quality, value and responsibility, it’s brands like Karity, Warby Parker and Allbirds that businesses in other industries are in a frenzy to copy.

The Cons.

The biggest downside I have found with Karity, is the difficulty the company has had keeping up the incredible demand their products have created. Allure has even published articles to keep beauty-lovers informed about the greatly anticipated restocking of Karity’s new Peach palette.

With their trendy palettes and pro-grade performance, it’s hard to believe Karity eyeshadows were not designed especially for me. But that is exactly why I fell in love with the Karity brand of eyeshadow the very first time I tried it.

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See YouTuber Lacy Nicole and hundreds of others for that matter demo the shades in hypnotizing videos.


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