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It’s Time You Got A Hair Makeover

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It’s Time You Got A Hair Makeover

It’s Time You Got A Hair Makeover November 7, 2017

You know that part of teen rom-coms where the nerdy girl goes through a makeover and turns into a gorgeous prom queen? Well, babygirl, you’re in that part of the movie in your life and your hair needs a fresh lease of life right away. A hair makeover is one of those quintessential life experiences that every girl needs to go through to see what a world of difference such a simple thing can make toyour self-esteem and how you see yourself. So you must be wondering, “When do I need to get a hair makeover?” The simplest answer to that question is whenever you feel like it. But there are a few signs that you can look out for when you your hair look starts feeling too monotonous…

Signs That You Need To Go For A Hair Makeover

  • You can’t remember the last time you had a haircut: A lot of people (including me) go months upon months without getting a haircut and, thus, get stuck sporting the same old hair look for the longest time. So, if you can’t remember the last time you had a haircut or the last time you went to a new hairdresser and requested a new style, then you really need to consider getting a hair makeover.
  • You do the same hairstyle Every. Single. Day.Yes, the joy of finding a hairstyle that works perfectly with your hair takes less than 2 minutes to do and can be reasonably sported every single day is incomparable. But sporting the same bun or ponytail (or whatever style you sport) every single day can make you look…well, boring. There! I said it! So, it’s time to get out of the rut and try out something new with your hair.
  • Your hair color has seen better days: Your hair tends to look dull and lifeless if you go too long without changing up its cut and style. So, when your hair has lost its shine and you start using words like ‘mousy’ and ‘limp’ to describe it, it’s time for you to make an appointment with a hair colorist.
  • Any hairstyling attempts end up with you in tears: I know how heartbreaking it can be when you’ve spent hours looking for the perfect hairstyle tutorial on YouTube only to realize that you can’t get it to look right even after several attempts. This simply means that your current haircut is not working well with the texture of your hair and it’s time to consider changing things up a bit.
  • You’re going through a tough time in your life: Be it a new job, a breakup, or moving to a new city – the best way to welcome a new chapter in your life and start afresh is to go for a dramatic hair makeover. Not only does this mark a new change in your appearance, it also works to boost your self-esteem and lift your spirits.

Once you’ve decided that you want to change up your hair look, there are 2 main things that you need to do to get yourself the hair makeover of your dreams.

  1. Mood Board: The very first thing you need to decide is whether you want to change your cut, your color, or both. Then comes the fun part! Browse through Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration for styles that you can see yourself sporting. You can look at celebrities whose hair you love and look up hashtags of the styles you want to try out to explore your options. An important thing to keep in mind here though is to be realistic about what kind of cuts and colors will work with your natural hair texture, type, and color. So, make sure you collect a variety of pictures as options to show to your stylist.
  1. Pick A Hair Stylist: To get the hair of your dreams, it is crucial that you pick a hair stylist that you trust and know can help your vision become a reality. Ask your family members/friends whose hair you love which stylist they go to. Yelp reviews are also a great way to find out how certain stylists work and how much they charge. You could also check out the Instagram pages of hair salons in your city to see what kind of work they do. I suggest you really take time to zero down on a good hair stylist as they have the power to make or break your hair makeover.

The Many Ways That You Can Get A Hair Makeover


Go Short


People may gasp and people may stare. This is exactly why chopping off your tresses is the most drastic way to go for a hair makeover. If you’ve had long hair your whole life, chances are that the ends have started to dry up, developed split ends, and look lifeless. Therefore, cutting them off and going for a short haircut will not only make you look edgy, but also help you grow out healthier hair.

When it comes to styling your short hair, the possibilities are endless. You could go in for an adorable short bob or give in to your dauntless desires and go for a bold pixie cut. Getting an undercut is also a kickass way to look like a punk rock diva. But, if a more mature and professional style is what you’re going for, then a long angled bob will suit you perfectly. Just make sure that you discuss at length all your options and pick a style that will work well with your face shape and texture. 

Go Long


Gone are the days when you had to actually grow your hair out to get long hair. God bless the inventor of hair extensions because getting long hair has never been easier. Hair extensions work like magic in giving you the hair that you desire and make you look oh-so-feminine. If you want more of a long term style, you could go in for permanent hair extensions with real human hair that will last you a couple of months. But, if you would like to sport long hair just on a few special occasions, you can get your hands on temporary clip-in extensions that you can install yourself.

One thing you need to seriously consider if you do go in for permanent hair extensions (that can stay in your hair from anywhere between 6 weeks to 3 months) is that they’ll require a specific hair care routine provided to you by your stylist that you’ll need to follow carefully.



Changing your hair color is, by far, the best way to transform your hair completely. You can go a million different directions with the hair color of your choice and still not exhaust all your options. All you will need to keep in mind is that the color you choose goes well with your natural hair color, skin tone, and the color of your eyes.

For just a subtle tint of a fun color in your dark hair, you can go for a deep burgundy or auburn shade that may not look like much indoors but bursts to life when you step out into the sun. If depth and dimension arewhat you’re going for, then bright highlights, subtle lowlights, or a dramatic all-over balayage will fulfill your needs perfectly. You could also go totally funky and cool by going for an ombre in a bright and fun color like pink, green or blue!



The easiest way to give yourself a hair makeover without compromising on the length or color of your hair is to get some bangs cut into it. Bangs (or ‘fringe’, as they are also known) can frame your face beautifully and add a youthful vibe to your whole appearance. While straight cut blunt bangs are the epitome of Parisian chic, side swept bangs will make you like the pretty girl-next-door.



If you’re a curly haired girl like me and are befuddled over why your curls have no definition and look like a blob around your head, then you need to get your hair cut in layers. The staggered pattern in which layers are cut helps the curls unfurl in all their glory and look super defined. Even straight hair looks healthier and more voluminous when you get it cut in layers. The bottom line is that no matter what the texture of your hair, it will be elevated to another level of gorgeousness with a layered cut.

hair makeover


Tired of your straight hair that can never hold a curl for more than half an hour? Or bored of your same old curly curls? Whichever may be your case, it’s time you went in for a texture makeover. Permanent hair straightening is a great option for someone who has grown up with a full head of curls and is tired of spending time, money, and effort into maintaining them. This chemical treatment will give your hair a super smooth and poker straight texture that will last for about a year.

Whoever told you perms are a thing of the past was dreadfully wrong. Perms are a great way to get the curly hair that you’ve always dreamt of. Perming your hair will not only give a fun twist to your hair look, it will also take people in your life completely by surprise. You could experiment with the kind of curls you get as well! You could go for tightly wound corkscrew curls or loose beachy waves, depending on what you think will suit your personal style.


Protective Styling


All my kinky haired ladies, listen up! When it comes to hair makeovers, you have a world of protective styles to choose from that can transform your look completely. If you would like to work with just your natural hair, then cornrows braided in a gorgeously intricate pattern will work brilliantly for you. But if you are willing to experiment with some extensions, then you can go choose from anything between badass box braids to cute crochet braids to beautiful bantu knots. The beauty of these protective styles is that you can change them out every few weeks and have the added bonus of protecting the health of your natural hair. You can also get your protective style done up in whacky colored hair extensions to match your mood!

Hair makeovers, when done correctly, can truly change your life by boosting your self-confidence and making you realize that you have full agency over your appearance and the power to change it as you please. Are you ready to take charge of your hair? Comment below to let us know which of the aforementioned ways you’re going to go about it!

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