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Professionals And Cons, Ideas To Take Care, And Hairstyles

Hair Care

Professionals And Cons, Ideas To Take Care, And Hairstyles

 On the earth of straight and curly hair, the 1C hair kind undergoes an existential disaster. This hair  kind is commonly neglected and confused with both 1B or 2A. Whereas 1C hair is unquestionably straight, it’s the waviest of all of the straights. This hair begins straight from the roots and bends mid-shaft to present a wavy texture. On this article, we talk about the 1C hair kind intimately, record down its execs and cons, let you know how one can handle it, and present the varied kinds you possibly can attempt with it. Proceed studying.

What Is 1C Hair Sort And What Does It Look Like?

From the basis, the 1C hair lies flat on the scalp with slight bends and arcs. These hair bends curve inward towards the chin and vaguely resemble the S-shaped waves of kind 2 hair. Though it’s straight hair, the 1C kind has a tender tousled form with a extra delicate physique than the 1A and 1B hair varieties. It’s usually coarse to medium-coarse, and is thought for having flyaways, frizz, and oiliness proper after washing.

Following are the overall traits of 1C hair:

  • Look:Bends a bit from the midshaft to the ends and the additional physique, although largely has straight strands
  • Texture:Coarse to medium-coarse
  • Shine:Not as lustrous as 1A and 1B hair varieties
  • Options:
  1. Susceptible to oiliness when freshly washed, however seems extremely full, thick, and voluminous
  2. Simpler to curve due to the coarser strands

Differentiating 1C Hair From Different Hair Varieties

Since 1C has tousled, tender waves, it is extremely often confused with 1B or 2A hair varieties. Subsequently, to get rid of the confusion as soon as and for all, we’ve got tabulated the traits of every hair kind.

Hair SortTextureCurling MeansSusceptibility to Oiliness
1BMedium texture, with delicate bends from the mid-shaft. Strands are extra on the straighter aspect. No wave sample.Can’t preserve a curl with out merchandise.Will get oily often from roots to ends.
1CMedium to coarse texture and has a gently ruffled or bent texture with out full waves.Readily holds curls however making tight ringlets is a problem.Steadily will get oily on the roots.
2AMushy, uneven waves with a fine-to-medium texture and distinguished waves.Simply holds curls.Susceptible to oiliness on the roots.

In case you have 1C hair, do keep in mind that you’ve got sure benefits! Study extra within the subsequent part.

Advantages Of 1C Hair

1. NeedsLow Upkeep

1C hair wants low upkeep and doesn’t require frequent styling or quite a lot of product. The feel of this hair kind is someplace between wavy and pin-straight. It begins straight from the roots, bends a bit of within the center, and extends to the ends. Its naturally tousled texture makes it a low-maintenance hair kind. Moreover, if left to air dry, it dries in its distinctively unruly type. So, with none effort, 1C hair varieties look effective. This makes it preferrred for many who are brief on time or don’t need to spend so much of time styling their hair.

2. Is Versatile

1C hair is flexible and will be worn in many alternative kinds. It may be worn straight, wavy, or curly and will be simply styled with minimal effort.

three. Has A Pure Wholesome Look

1C hair kind has sturdy strands that make it simpler to attain size. Curly and wavy strands have weak factors since they bend or coil, making them extra vulnerable to breakage. However because the 1C hair kind doesn’t completely wave or curl, it’s stronger. Furthermore, this hair kind is normally thicker and makes sustaining size a lot simpler as you don’t have to fret about breakage or cut up ends. The sturdy strands additionally make it simpler to fashion and manipulate, permitting for extra inventive styling choices.

four. Is Harm-Resistant

This hair kind is usually coarse and thick, making it extra resistant to break from styling and environmental components. Coarse hair refers back to the 1C hair strand construction that has three layers— cuticle, medulla, and cortex—which is distinct from that of different hair varieties that solely have two layers (the cuticle and cortex). The spongy, deep medulla helps retain moisture and delays the onset of many kinds of harm, which are likely to happen extra shortly in finer hair varieties.

Moreover, the 1C hair kind tends to be much less inclined to break from warmth styling instruments and merchandise, making it an ideal selection for many who need to preserve their pure hair with out worrying concerning the long-term results of hair styling.

The 1C hair kind has sure downsides too. Studying about them can assist you cope with them higher.

Downsides Of 1C Hair

1. Is Inclined To Frizz And Flyaways

Since 1C hair kind is coarse, it’s extra vulnerable to frizz and flyaways. Subsequently, styling it or creating smooth and polished appears is usually a problem. Moreover, persistent dryness issues enhance frizziness.

2. Makes Scalp Extra Inclined To Oiliness

1C hair is normally very effective and will be vulnerable to oiliness, making it tough to maintain it or the scalp clear and freed from product buildup. The straight strands enable oil to journey from the sebaceous glands within the scalp to the roots and additional alongside the strands. Because of this, the hair can change into greasy in a day or two after the wash. Furthermore, the scalp produces much more oil as soon as it “detects” that every one oil has been stripped off. This results in a cycle of oily hair and frequent cleansing, resulting in extra secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands.

three. Can Turn out to be Too Poofy

Sort 1C hair can readily poof from the mid-length down, regardless of mendacity flat on the prime. It has quite a lot of pure quantity as a result of it’s coarse and tends to be dense and thick. Therefore, its pure quantity could seem poofy below humidity or under-moisturized circumstances. Whereas correct moisture within the hair can assist management the fluffy quantity with out flattening it, acquiring easy and smooth kinds is difficult even after utilizing flat irons or anti-frizz merchandise.

four. Can Develop Knots And Tangles

Thick, unruly hair usually will get tangled and knotted and might get tough to untangle. This could make combing the hair a problem.

5. Might Have Drier Ends

1C hair tends to have drier ends as a result of the pure oils from the scalp have a tough time attending to the hair suggestions by the mid-body bends.

6. Can Make It Laborious To Discover The Proper Hair Care Merchandise

Discovering merchandise that work on any hair kind will be difficult. Moreover, since 1C hair is normally very effective and vulnerable to dryness, discovering merchandise that work nicely with the hair kind can get harder.

Though hair care is an extended and arduous journey, taking good care of 1C tresses with the right data and steerage will assist make the job simpler. Try the next part to know extra.

How To Take Care Of Sort 1C Hair

  1. Use A Sulfate-Free Shampoo And Conditioner: Sort 1C hair is vulnerable to dryness, so it’s important to make use of merchandise that received’t strip the hair of its pure oils. Therefore, search for merchandise which might be freed from sulfates and different harsh chemical compounds.
  2. Keep away from Over-Washing: Since 1C hair tends to get greasy extra often, keep away from over-washing. As a substitute, attempt washing each three to 4 days utilizing a shampoo particularly designed for greasy hair. This reduces the quantity of pure oil produced by the scalp with out drying out the strands.
  3. Use Dry Shampoo

If hair begins getting oily earlier than the subsequent wash, spray dry shampoo on the roots to let it soak up the oil and provides the hair some quantity.

  1. Use A Deep Conditioner:Deep conditioning remedies are important for preserving kind 1C hair hydrated with out making it heavy. As well as, as hair grows longer, kind 1C hair tends to change into drier on the ends. Therefore, conditioning and nourishing needs to be important elements of your hair care routine. Light-weight leave-in lotions and serums will be utilized from the mid-shafts to the ends of the hair to stop frizz and brittleness with out weighing down the strands.
  2. Shield Your Hair At Evening: To stop breakageand tangles, use a satin or silk pillowcase or a satin or silk scarf wrapped round your hair to guard it at evening. These materials will give your head a easy floor to lie on and assist cut back friction that may in any other case tangle your hair.
  3. Take Measures To Dry Your Hair Correctly

A microfiber towel will dry the hair quicker and with much less friction and breakage.

Air drying could lead to extra frizz and fluffy quantity. But when that’s the solely possibility out there, preserve a superb anti-frizz serum useful to cut back frizziness.

Blow drying the hair is another choice. However as 1C strands are coarse and extra heat-resistant than finer hair varieties, blow drying could trigger warmth harm over time. Therefore, use the bottom warmth setting, apply a heat-protectant to your hair, and reduce the blow drying frequency.

Finest Hairstyles For The 1C Hair Sort

1. Mushy Bends

With 1C hair, you possibly can’t go fallacious with elegant tender waves. They’re simpler to attain, want low upkeep, and don’t require any styling merchandise. That stated, don’t contact the hair often by operating your fingers by them; allow them to be flowy of their pure aspect.

2. Voluminous Ponytail

The very best factor about 1C strands is that they have already got physique and quantity. So, collect all hair on the again to intensify these options and make a bouncy, voluminous, excessive ponytail. Moreover, combing your hair again makes it barely less complicated to hide the flyaways and frizz.

Finest Haircuts For The 1C Hair Sort

1. Layering

A layering reduce for 1C hair kind includes chopping the hair into layers of various lengths. This layered look will add quantity and texture to the hair. Moreover, it may well assist create a extra outlined look and make styling simpler. For brief 1C strands, layering can be a very good possibility with hidden layers mixing nicely to create a concrete look.

StyleCraze Says

Ask the stylist to chop the ends barely erratically to present the hair a extra pure texture and physique.

2. Shag Minimize

Shags improve the pure texture of the coarse 1C hair by giving it a number of motion. They distribute the quantity by decreasing the majority from the thick hair and are very straightforward to fashion. The shag is a superb reduce for lazy days or in the event you’re operating brief on time, because it wants low upkeep.

StyleCraze Says

Discuss to your stylist concerning the varied shag reduce choices out there. You’ll be able to go for the traditional reduce to edgy punk reduce, relying on what enhances your options the perfect.


The hair is a lady’s crown. Everybody desires to have lovely, wholesome, and full-of-life hair. However attaining that is potential solely when one is aware of about their hair kind and tips on how to take excellent care of it. The 1C hair kind has its execs and cons. However you can also make the perfect of it by drying it proper and utilizing the fitting merchandise.

Steadily Requested Questions

What’s the rarest hair kind?

The rarest hair kind is 1A, which is characterised by very effective, skinny, and straight hair.

Do I’ve 1A/1B or 1C hair?

1A hair is the straightest kind and is normally effective and skinny. It’s normally shiny and will be tough to fashion.
1B hair is barely wavy however nonetheless comparatively straight. It’s normally thicker than 1A hair and is less complicated to fashion.
1C hair is the wavy-straight kind and is normally thick and coarse. It’s normally harder to fashion than 1A and 1B hair.

Is 1C hair oily?

No, 1C hair just isn’t normally thought-about oily. It’s normally thought-about regular or barely dry. However, the oil can simply journey from the sebaceous glands to the roots and alongside the hair, making it look greasy.

How lengthy do 1C curls final?

1C curls usually last as long as two days, relying on the kind of product used to fashion the hair and the way nicely the hair is cared for.

Key Takeaways

  • 1C hair normally has low to medium porosity, which will be vulnerable to dryness and frizz. Therefore, fashion the hair with merchandise like mousses, gels, and lotions that present moisture and maintain the hair in place.
  • The hair needs to be washed and conditioned virtually commonly to maintain it wholesome and hydrated. Use deep conditioning masks as soon as per week.
  • It needs to be trimmed commonly to maintain it trying wholesome and forestall cut up ends.

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