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Why this Luxury Makeup Brand Rolled Out Nationwide with CVS


Why this Luxury Makeup Brand Rolled Out Nationwide with CVS

Affordable luxury beauty startup Karity has been picked up by CVS, and will be rolled out nationwide. (store locator)

“From day one our mission has been to offer high quality makeup at a price the whole world could enjoy. CVS will now be helping our humble brand achieve that vision by allowing us to utilize their presence in every corner of the country to reach even more beauty lovers.”  said Isaac Rami founder of Karity.

Beauty disruptor Karity blew up on social media ever since they introduced their line of high quality, trendy and affordable eyeshadows.

Recently they came across our explore feed on Instagram with a new product and we were pulled by the video they posted. Particularly this one: Featuring luxury quality vegan liquid lipsticks for a super low price.

Is this magic?!

Now, we’ve used other products that have remained on our lips through cups of coffee, but none have lasted us through breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, post-work drinks, the gym AND the shower.

Ladies, we’re talking no budging, feathering or loss of color.

We tried 6 shades of the liquid lipsticks from the Karity, namely Rockstar, Keira, Fade Out and Sugary Sweet (the ones in the video).
In addition to the lipsticks, we also ordered the Strip Down remover wipes ($8) we were told in the reviews we would need this a remover to get lipstick off.

Credit: @magics_inthe_makeup

Skepticism aside, we had 2 weeks since the release and we put these products to a test.

Here’s 4 reason why we think these are the holy grail of liquid lipsticks.

1) Longevity.
Karity’s lipsticks are extremely long lasting. While most other liquid lipsticks fade within a few hours and almost always by the end of the day, Lip Lock has delivered unprecedented longevity. Lip Lock’s staying power is impressive at any price point, but the fact that this $6 product is competing with $30 alternatives from well-established high end brands is nothing short of impressive. Lip lock is so long lasting that it’s being dubbed as “pizza proof”. It’s no wonder that Karity introduced Lip Lock along with special remover pads because this stuff simply does not rub off without it.

The lipsticks ability to stay on all day without streaking or fading is no small feat. The secret is in the formula. Karity has been working to perfect the lipstick formula for over three years (since the brands inception). Karity’s development team experimented with over twenty different formulas before arriving at the finished product. True to their principles, Karity’s lipsticks are vegan, paraben-free and cruelty-free.

2) Comfort, comfort and comfort.
In our book, no quality is more important in a liquid lipstick than how the product feels and this is where Karity really stands out. Karity’s buttery-smooth texture adheres to the lips with such subtlety it can be hard to remember your even wearing it. Where other brands might make your lips feel dry or rubbery, Karity leaves your lips feeling supple and moist. If we can’t remember we’re wearing it, then that truly is the highest praise a liquid lipstick can garner.

3) Value.
Karity’s Lipstick offers the best bang-for-your-buck value of any liquid lipstick that we’ve come across. Karity’s $8 lipsticks manages to compete with the $30 offerings of the big name brand makeup companies.

Karitys Lipsticks comes in a very trendy array of 16 different shades with a velvety-matte finish. The shades are vibrant and, striking. No dull or muted colors here, they even have an all black color “vinyl”. Karity’s premium-level pigmentation, longevity and comfort make it an unbeatable value for savvy beauty lovers.

4) Influencer Approved.
Influencers have been sharing these lipsticks on feeds ever since its release with striking looks and nothing but praises. Below is a few looks we came across from some of the largest beauty influencers on social media.

As one influencer Cheyanne W. said in a written review: 

“I absolutely adore these lipsticks! I bought 4 to try them and can’t wait to get more. The applicator is small enough to be precise so I don’t have to use a lip brush, and the formula is so amazing. It goes on so creamy, and once it dries, IT DOES NOT RUN, TRANSFER, OR SMUDGE. AT ALL. I wore it for 8 hours before it even started to feel like I was wearing lipstick (the dry feeling) but it still looked great, no flakes or anything.
Fade out is so pretty, and is really true to the picture. I have skin that’s between the lighter two shades in the swatch photo, and it’s a perfect nude because it’s bright but still looks natural.

10/10 definitely recommend! Especially for the price, you cannot beat these. Drug store price, professional quality.”

Heres another from the famous Tanya Feifel-Rhodes


On side note! Karity recently leaked a new palette they will be releasing dubbed “Rose All Day

Courtesy @Karity




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